Maison Polygon is a bi-coastal collective of three illustrators, Eddie Ahn, Haan Lee, and Christine Villanueva. With their immersive storytelling and divergent stylistic choices, each artist roots their life experiences and communities in definition with pen and paper.


 Eddie Ahn's "Sidewalk Empire" follows the travails of a surly turtle and a coffee cart operator running around San Francisco.  His most recent work, "Wish the World," is a children's science fiction story in which a series of wishes change the future. 

 Haan Lee's most recent work is called "Noodle Fight", a series-in-progress about a woman trying to climb the ranks of organized crime, a young man trying to become a rapper in the early 90's, and a burgeoning underground blood sport called "noodle fighting".

Haan has also created "Callusman", a story about a man who becomes invulnerable but in the process loses his ability to feel.

 Christine Villanueva’s whimsical, fluid linework belies her depth of emotion and content. Working primarily with traditional mediums and a monochromatic palette, her illustrations evoke ambiguous narratives rather than scripted storytelling that grasp at familiar sensations taken from both personal anecdotes and universal themes.

She has contributed to The Daily Californian, Brooklyn Art Library, Maganda Magazine, The Sketchbook Project, Recology SF and others she cannot recall at the moment.